We are a Health Technology and Services Company with Offices in Sydney, Australia and in Bandung, Indonesia.

We work with Local, District and Provincial Governments as well as Private Healthcare Facilities and Organisations.




We build customised mobile smart clinics equipped with telemedicine and digital healthcare technology.


Our clinics provide Primary Healthcare or Specialist Clinics within the community. Our services improve access to healthcare resources and knowledge for people in remote areas.

We also enable Healthcare Clinics and Hospitals to extend their services and referral base into the community.

Starting in August we will be working with the Provincial Government of West Java, Indonesia to deliver the visionary Mobile Puskesmas (MPUS) project of Governor Ridwan Kamil. 


The Mobile Puskesmas (MPUS) Smart Clinic Vehicle is a unique localised design with two Telemedicine Smart Klinik Suites and a Nursing Triage Station. 

We are currently looking for qualified, enthusiastic and caring staff to join our August Smart Clinic Programs based from  Bandung, Indonesia.


If you are a Nurse, Junior Doctor (General Practice), Mid-Wife, ObGyn, Paediatrician or Internal Medicine Specialist please contact us today.


Docta is a Digital Healthcare Company founded in 2013, with experience in Australia, India, Singapore and Indonesia. Our mission is to harness digital solutions to revolutionise the delivery of healthcare services in emerging nations.


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