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About Us

Developing Sustainable Solutions in Healthcare

Our vision is simple, to deliver developed-world healthcare standards, innovation and outcomes to the developing world. The West Java Healthcare Infrastructure Project, and our partnership with Aspen Medical is set to make our company mission of delivering healthcare to millions not just in West Java, but across South East Asia, a reality. 


Our Story

Docta Pty Ltd was established in Sydney, Australia in 2013 as a developer of Healthcare Solutions. A company and founding group of shareholders, driven to develop new models of sustainable healthcare based on evidence, innovation and partnership.

Since then, through tailored telehealth products, agile mobile clinic design and some significant strategic partnerships, Docta has successfully facilitated access to various healthcare services across Australia, India and Indonesia. This foundational work positioned Docta perfectly to accelerate its early success into significant business growth.

In 2019, after making a deliberate and significant five-year commitment to develop healthcare solutions solely for the Province of West Java, and the Governor Ridwan Kamil, Docta founder, Dr Andrew Rochford, was presented with the company's largest opportunity to date, The West Java Healthcare Infrastructure Project (WHIP). This 20-year undertaking involves the construction and operation of up to 23 Hospitals and 650+ Clinics to make high-quality, International Standard healthcare a reality for the 50 million residents of West Java.

A prospect of this magnitude required a partner of comparable scale. The natural choice was Australian Healthcare Leader, Aspen Medical. Executive Chairman and Founder of Aspen Medical, Glenn Keys, has been a shareholder and advisor to Docta since 2016.


The combination of Docta's Indonesian know-how and Government relationships, with Aspen Medical's significant global experience and corporate scale positions the Aspen & Docta Pty Ltd Joint venture to thrive.

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