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Docta’s EMR Telehealth software has been developed as a fully bespoke solution, catering to the exact needs of the Telehealth industry in emerging markets. Bridging the gap between EMR and Telehealth software, Docta’s solution is unique from other market solutions as it has been designed to cater for this exact market from the ground up with a custom-built end-to-end solution stack.

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All transactions are based around a health-worker/patient visit either in a remote clinic, patient home or elsewhere. This visit could then result in a secure call to remotely based in-house Doctors, or to a specialist should they be required. Once this call is made, the call log as well as the EMR notes entered by all parties are stored against this appointment resulting in one source of truth for the patient’s entire path within the clinic.


All calls are secure and although initially one-to-one, the system has been built with the ability to add in a third-party should a clinic, need to speak with a Doctor and a Specialist at the same time.

Our platform can be 'white-labelled' to offer clients a customisable branded digital platform to take their healthcare service offering to the next level

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