Docta’s solutions and relationships in Indonesia, as well as our partnership with Global Healthcare provider Aspen Medical and PPE Supplier Force Medical, has the potential to provide genuine transformative change to healthcare delivery across Indonesia and beyond. The team behind the development of this business and its products is dedicated to making this opportunity a reality for patients in need and to reward investors through further success and development of a prosperous Docta business portfolio.

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Aspen Medical was founded in 2003 by Glenn Keys AO, Aspen Medical is an Australian-owned, multi award-winning, global provider of guaranteed and innovative healthcare solutions across a diverse range of sectors and clients including Defence, Mining and Resources, Oil and Gas, Government and Humanitarian.


Aspen Medical was founded to provide the highest quality healthcare in remote, challenging or under-resourced areas where there is high demand. We work with our clients to identify their requirements and provide targeted, efficient, innovative and guaranteed solutions to healthcare challenges. This focus on the outcome is unique in the outsourced healthcare market anywhere around the world. 

Docta and Aspen Medical executed a Collaboration Agreement between the two companies on 16th July 2020. This Mutually beneficial collaboration covers the scope of exploring and developing opportunities to:

(i) provide mobile primary care across the province in West Java, Indonesia.

(ii) prepare feasibility studies to design, develop , build and operate fixed hospital facilities across the province in West Java, Indonesia.

(iii) expand the activities at items (i) and (ii) of the Collaboration to other Indonesian provinces beyond West Java.

This Collaboration is currently progressing to form a Special Purpose Vehicle Joint Venture to execute the West Java Healthcare Transformation Project as well as other opportunities with Indonesian and the entire Aus-Pac region. Docta also has a first-rights supplier agreement to procure disposal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Aspen Medical and its clients.

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State Owned Infrastructure Company that acts as an infrastructure business player and project developer for the acceleration of infrastructure development in West Java seeks to utilize opportunities and potential resources optimally and is able to provide a multiplier effect for economic growth and development in West Java.


They have a broad portfolio of projects covering Transportation, Energy, Waste Management, Telematics, Area Development and Construction. Jasa Sarana, Aspen Medical and Docta signed a Heads of Agreement on 20th June 2020 to form the Joint Venture Company for the West Java Healthcare Transformation Project.

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Force Medical Supply was formed by Force Energy Group, to respond to the need for essential equipment to fight COVID-19. We have supplied millions of PPE products to hospitals, state and federal agencies, local governments, and private businesses. We are dedicated to making sure our customers have the protective equipment they need.

FMS provide the highest quality PPE products that fully comply with the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia, the European Medicines Agency in Europe, and other regulatory agencies. FMS do not sell any medical supplies at pricing that is exploitative of the current environment and offer factory direct pricing to our clients.


FMS current clients include The State of Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts and the US Federal Prisons.


Specialist Machining and Creative Engineering company based in Bandung, West Java, that has worked closely with Docta Indonesia for last 12 months to design, develop and manufacture Docta’s first-of-its-kind Mobilised Outreach Clinic.

Established in 1976 Budykarya has a long heritage of high-quality specialist engineering for projects of varying size throughout the province, with a client list that includes Hyundai Indonesia Motor, Nissan Motor Indonesia, Indomobil Suzuki International, Astra Daihatsu Motor, Sumitomo Heavy Industries Indonesia, Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Indonesia.

Budykarya has a management team and a reliable professional staff of various disciplines who are ready to respond to various changes and competition in the field of fabrication manufacturing tool, equipment, parts and automotive components and general industry.

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