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MPUS - Mobile Primary Care

In April of 2019 the first Docta Mobile Smart Clinic, named the Mobile Puskesmas (MPUS) was launched in Cillilin, Bandung Barat, West Java. 


Docta’s Mobile Clinics are designed to deliver outreach services, such as much needed primary and public healthcare, to remote and underserved areas of West Java. Never before has this type of healthcare innovation been needed within the community.

The success of this project has led to a significant scale up of the Mobile Clinic program. These vehicles will now form a crucial part of West Java's Heal;thcre Transformation Project that is currently in planning and set o launch in 2021. Further detail is outlined below.

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KOTAK DOKTER - Telehealth Portals

Currently Docta’s Software system has been deployed as part of in-market clinical projects across West Java, The MPUS Mobile Smart Clinics in Bandung, as well as the “ready-to-use” portable Telemedicine cases (Kotak Dokter) in Garut.


The Kotak Dokter (“Doctor-In-A-Box”) system – seen here - is a care delivery system centered around distribution of portable Telemedicine systems to selected Primary care Facilities and Remote Locations. These specially equipped cases are connected via Docta’s Telehealth Software to an ‘online hospital’ of registered health professionals and Specialist Doctors. The Kotak Dokter has been designed to provide underserved areas with a streamlined connection to experienced and specialist Doctors located in Urban areas.


Docta Telehealth and clinical software systems will operate in all clinics and hospitals as part of the WestJava Health Transformation Project with Aspen Medical and Jasa Sarana.

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The WEST JAVA Healthcare Transformation Project

The Governor of West Java is committed to providing equitable access to healthcare across the 26 cities, 620 districts, 1576 urban villages and 4,301 rural villages and 50 million residents of West Java through the full spectrum of healthcare from Primary care and Prevention to Specialist Curative Care.

He is seeking to accelerate these improvements in the health and well-being of all his constituents as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Initially targeting the Regencies within the Province with the greatest need.

Docta,  engaged globally experienced Healthcare company Aspen Medical, to plan and present our 23 year proposal. Docta and Aspen Medical have been working with the Governor’s office, Provincial Health Department and local infrastructure partner Jasa Sarana to establish Joint Venture company and 23 year plan for execution of this trans-formative project.

650 Primary Care Clinics

  • 325 fixed facilities

  • 325 Mobile Clinics

23 Hospitals Facilities

  Mix of Greenfield and existing Brownfield facilities

Construction timeline in 2 phases – A and B

  • Phase A; 5 Hospital Facilities (2020 – 2023)

  • Phase B; up to 18 additional Facilities (2024 – 2034)

Management and operation: 2020 - 2043

Currently underway is initial Hospital Site Selection and Planning:

  • Thorough scoping of Brownfield facilities & Greenfield Sites with key stakeholders to establish best approach Governor Kamil  has requested short-list of top 5 potential sites by second week of August