Docta has grown to establish three key business divisions;  Medical Software and Telehealth, Clinical Facilities Innovation and Medical Supplies Procurement.


The company has successfully combined it’s core software and clinical industrial design with it’s growing suite of strategic partnerships, to create a unique, agile, market-leading business  at a time when medical innovation in facilities, medical products and service provision is needed most.

Docta provides clients with innovative end-to-end medical solutions across a spectrum of markets and client needs.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Young Woman with Mask

Docta’s EMR telehealth software has been developed as a fully bespoke solution, catering to the exact needs of the Telehealth industry in emerging markets. Bridging the gap between EMR and Telehealth software, Docta’s solution is unique from other market solutions as it has been designed to cater for this exact market from the ground up with a custom-built end-to-end solution stack


Access to good quality primary and tertiary healthcare facilities increases overall system efficiency. Docta's mobile and modular healthcare clinics reduce cost, construction times and 

improve allocative efficiency through investments in cost-effective interventions such as prevention and promotion versus much costlier curative care (e.g. immunization versus treatment of vaccine preventable diseases such as measles);



Docta and it's supply Partner Force Medical Supply provide the highest quality PPE products that fully comply with the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia, the European Medicines Agency in Europe, and other regulatory agencies. Docta/FMS do not sell any medical supplies at pricing that is exploitative of the current environment and offer factory direct pricing to our clients.